The greatest of professional advances occur at the intersection of fundamental learning experiences. Paull’s i-Reed counts on hands-on industry experience to make Real Estate education multi-dimensional, practice-driven and to break out of the constrained learning experience classrooms offer. Our institution recurrently organizes international study tours for students to explore global opportunities, analyse a completely different market and its corporate proceedings, build a valuable international network and accurately comprehend the vastness of Real Estate as an industry.

We strongly believe that confinement to single market hinders the growth prospects of Real Estate aspirants and we, therefore, strive to expose our students to diversified market scenarios, inculcating a business aptitude strong enough to tackle a thousand different market-related, legal, corporate and financial hindrances they may face on the highly unpredictable grounds of the Real Estate Industry. Study tours not only ensure real-time experience, but they are also highly beneficial for bringing about the technical efficiency that classroom learning does not offer.

The emphasis placed on visual real-time education goes a long way in structuring our students’ future career prospects into a highly positive one as knowledge of various different market scenarios and skills to tackle any developmental or project-based hinderance is valued by employers and customers equally. Educational tours spark curiosity and build a powerful learning foundation for our future leaders to grow upon. It enriches them with boundless excitement to never cease learning market dynamics, develop problem-solving skills and serve customers to the best of their professional ability in future.

Our curriculum blooms on a practical foundation, aiming for the unrestricted dissemination of knowledge across contrasting regional Real Estate markets. International study tours enable our future leaders to gain international exposure, build their personal brand and magnify a vision that goes beyond domestic limitations. Witness universal Real Estate before your eyes, make important observations and build professional relationships with international industry leaders, giving yourself an amazing headstart.